What is AppInsight?

Simple and powerful analytics for app developers.


Build your app as you always do and then run a single command on the final XAP to add analytics instrumentation. That's all. No need to write even one line of code. No need to even add annotations. No need to link in 3rd-party libraries. Submit the instrumented XAP to the marketplace and you are ready to go.


AppInsight gives you full usage analytics - how often people run your app, how long do they run it, which phone models they use, which locales they are from, running count of new users - everything!

What's more, we also tell you exactly how your app is being used: how much time users are spending on different ``pages'' in your app, which parts of your app are most popular etc.

To top it off, we give you performance data: top 100 time consuming functions in your code, average memory consumption and a running count of crashes. You can view all this information using our infographics, or download raw data and analyze it in your own way.